a summer of the past

Melodious sways

Hypnotising every curious mind

Rich emeralds reflecting in the eye of the beholder

Indulging the conscious into a train of limitless possibilities

The only moment when lounging in the quiet corners of the room is acceptable

Absorbing the awe of the golden topaz, resting its grace in a blanket of azure

Choirs form to compliment the feelings of awakening

Creatures sensing unity, a forgotten priority given by the Creator

Luminous bodies entranced by bubbles of laughter,

Houses on the hills almost surrendered to their mischievous influence,


A tight grasp on the moment

Smiles captured and framed

Majestic gardens embraced by the wandering few

Interrupted thoughts yearned company.


To think at such elevation was easier than taking a breath of the crisp air,

But to submerge into a mind frame of contemplation took the huge sacrifice of the fine hours,

Until it was folded and returned to its owner.



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