In the beginning

In the beginning there was nothing
Perhaps scattered specks
Yet nothing worth valuing
Then a spark of light emerged
Little did you know this was the beginning of everything

It grew like vines from the centre of your soul
to the edges of your mind
It become you

The light that held the true tools for tranquillity
Slowly crafting a masterpiece
identify the root of the darkness,
the maleficent energy that roamed around your soul
and strangled your serenity.

confront the evil
with every crumb left of your courage
pierce its dark existence
for the dozens of times it’s crushed your contentment,
causing commotions in your conscious
and controlled your confidence.

Purify and dust away the minor minions of Satan.
Leaving no space for any heinous creatures to emerge
To seize your kingdom again.

adventure the almost unnoticeable possibilities
lying in the farthest mountains,
hanging on the tallest trees,
sailing on the deepest oceans
and the hiding in the most guarded realms of your heart,
And complete your quest.




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